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Stephen W. Stradal, Principal

Stephen W. Stradal, Principal

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Stephen W. Stradal

Steve Stradal has managed office and industrial real estate transactions since 1993 for national clients including Walgreens, Dial, SAIC, Benham Engineering, Six Flags, Corinthian College, TiMet Corporation and Shell Oil. Locally, his client list includes EverBank, KTVI Fox News, Oregon Wine Shipping, Sage Properties, Terracom, and Red Bull.

He has an extensive track record in sales and tenant representation services. With in-depth knowledge of commercial real estate development in the St. Louis bi-state region, Stradal manages effective negotiations based on expert analysis, problem-solving, and exceptional service. Balancing the expectations of landlord and tenant, Stradal creates win-win solutions for both sides. In the process, he evaluates the property value and conditions as well as the stakeholder perspectives. 

“I like to be out and about—not behind a desk. Researching, investigating properties and presenting buildings is my passion,” says Stradal. “When my analysis results in significant repurposing or increased value, I believe that’s a win for my client.”  

Stradal is a licensed real estate professional in Missouri. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in mass media from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. His community service includes the Boys and Girls Club and the John Burroughs Alumni Association.